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We are the Stuff of Broken Dreams
Piece by Shard by Bit b-- (whole.)
31st-Aug-2020 11:53 pm - [sticky post]
Released Caged Bird
Herein lies a navigable list of my fanwork. Enjoy. ♥

General Disclaimer: All characters or persons used in the fanworks archived here are the intellectual property of their companies or mangaka(s). No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is being made from any of the archived work in this journal.
** However, the plots used in the various fanworks are my intellectual property, so please refrain from plagiarising them.

Apart from that, go wild. \O/ Have fun and Ihope you enjoy reading. ^_^ 



Proximity | PG-13 ♠ Kanda/Allen + Link ♠ 3,941 words
Link experiences the nature of Allen’s and Kanda’s working relationship up close.


One Piece


Reason | G ♠ slight Zoro/Luffy ♠ 300 words
In which surviving your stay on-board requires a jaded enthusiasm in death.


Eternity | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 300 words
There is jadedness, denial and, finally, quiet acceptance.

Permanent | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 300 words
In which there is nostalgia, bonding, family and something more.

Universes | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 300 words 
In which separate universes count for shit.

Stones | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 300 words 
In which fires have sharper edges in places you least expect them to. 

Passion | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 300 words
There is a moment for quiet contemplation, and then some. It's not easy when your life has its fair share of swashbuckling moments, but he manages. 

Beginnings | PG-13 ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 12,787 words
There is an end to all beginnings. But first: there's trauma, some romance, the inevitable companion angst and, finally, resolution. It is not in Portgas D. Ace to be romantic, and far be it from him to wax lyrical about his life, but it's a close one. 

Ambrosia | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠  1,445 words
The mead of the Gods is said to be sweet. It takes many years, but Marco decides, with Ace's help, that it is an acquired taste, and that he's never really had a sweet tooth.

Domestics | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 1,042 words
Marco is never bitchy, no matter what anyone says. Ace quite disagrees, the little hypocrite. Jozu, as usual, denies all that he sees, for good reason. 

Birth | G ♠ Marco/Ace ♠ 300 words
There is certainty in the way each new year passes. Birth doesn't always involve screaming either. ... All right. Maybe it does.


Empathy | G ♠ Gol D. Roger + Garp ♠ 300 words
Normal men don't understand the extraordinary breed of their species. After a period of long time association, everyone figures that an explanation is not needed. Resolution is always tempting, but not always diplomatic. And don't they know it.

Firsts | G ♠ Whitebeard ♠ 300 words
There is a first time for everything. Small things first, like a musket, a blade or a dish of sake. Then bigger things, like dreams, a future and a name. 

Foot-In-Mouth | G ♠ Garp + Sengoku ♠ 300 words
Sengoku's luck with friends during his stint in-training at the Marine headquarters is pretty damn shitty. There may have been a reason for that, but no one will ever quite know. That, and Garp should really just shut the fuck up. 

Sire | G ♠ Silvers Rayleigh ♠ 300 words
Myths and legends are told in stories. They harbour dreams that live in the hearts of children, the strength of men and the bosoms of women. Luffy, of course, doesn't get any of this shit and doesn't care. He takes to the seas to be free, and Rayleigh smiles, because that's how a king should always behave. 

Routine | G ♠ Strawhats Gen ♠ 300 words
They all knew that Luffy was a nut-case. it was partly why they had such faith in him. After all, the Grand Line's general rule of thumb appeared to be: Be crazy. It works.

Culture Shock | G ♠ Strawhats Gen (Crossover x Twilight) ♠ 300 words
Nami has her beliefs uprooted; Usopp, Chopper and Brook are scared; Franky, Zoro and Robin are nonchalant; Luffy's the same ol' Business As Usual, much to the crew's dismay. And the Grand Line proves itself, once again, amazing on whole new levels, if only for its insanity.

Two Loves | G ♠ Strawhats + Ace Gen ♠ 300 words
There are things dear to Luffy, and no matter what one thinks about his ability to transcend norms, he is not immune to choices he may have to make between two things he values.

Rules | G ♠ Ace + Luffy + Whitebeard pirates ♠ 851 words
The Whitebeard pirates are governed by three golden rules. Luffy surprises them all with the readiness he obeys them with, never mind if he's the captain of his own crew. What one can't be too sure of is if he actually knows that these rules exist. Ace figures that's a moot point with Luffy. Rules were made to be broken, at any rate. 


Nova | G ♠ Franky/Robin ♠ 1,028 words
The night claims many things as its own, but those in the sky are their own entities. Distinguishing between what is a star and what is a sun is blurred, because cyborgs are meant for mechanics, not astronomy. Robin fails to instruct the latter. She laughs, and in dreams, recognises that suns are stars, and possibly, vice versa. 


Weightless Light | PG-13 ♠ Vista/Mihawk ♠ 1,574 words
Memories are the stuff made of dreams. Never clear, never certain, never defined. Sometimes, the only thing you remember is a smile. Stunning, stunning and so, so bright. It's not much, but it's a good way to go. 

Memoir | G ♠ Vista/Mihawk ♠ 300 words
The battlefield is Not A Place For Contemplation. Generally because it is unsafe and a decidedly bad idea unless you don't mind holes or gigantic papercuts on your person. But when you're the World's Greatest Swordsman, you're an exception.


Remembering | G ♠ Doflamingo/Crocodile ♠ 3,053 words
Some things are worth remembering, others you'd rather forget. To Crocodile, everything is, in a manner of speaking, cataloguing, even if some classify themselves 'memories' at their own discretion and tend to bully themselves to the front of his consciousness. It has also been established that pink is an obscene colour and definitely troublesome. 

Acceptance | PG-13 ♠ Doflamingo/Crocodile ♠ 1,451 words
Crocodile is too much of a realist to indulge in denial. Doflamingo reminds him that being a pirate is all about indulgence. For them, it's all about re-living their past glories and basking in the present age. Ironically enough, Doflamingo reminds Crocodile of dreams and beliefs. 


Super Junior


Quiet Places | G ♠ Yesung/Ryeowook ♠ 3,175 words
It is a misleading thing to think that bed-rooms are used solely for rest and sleep. Morning-afters are almost always pleasant save for the aches that come along with it. 


Blind | G ♠ Kyuhyun/Sungmin ♠ 1,267 words
Sungmin convinces himself that trust and heights are not an issue; all faults lie solely with how little common sense Super Junior seems to have as a whole, as well as how unhelpful the youngest ones appear to be in times of a personal crisis concerning safety. 

End of the Tuunnel | G ♠ Kyuhyun/Sungmin ♠ 970 words
The light at the end of each tunnel differs from one person to the next. For some, it means awakening, for others, it truly means light. Then again, awakening is falling back into reality. It's always nice to be caught by a familiar voice and familiar face, because, then, falling feels like something else altogether and the tunnel disappears. 

Count Down | G ♠ Kyuhyun/Sungmin ♠ 1,399 words
Donghae's proven that it is possible to transcend levels of fail and utter stupidity. He also decides (quite by accident) that doing it at the worst possible time is for the best. Kyuhyun isn't so much suspicious as annoying and Sungmin begins to contemplate the benefits of hating snow. The thought is starting to look mighty attractive as the moments pass. 

Chocolate | G ♠ Kyuhyun/Sungmin ♠ 1,781 words
Drowning To Death In Chocolate is only possible if you're an idol. So, it's brilliant when you have a couple of sweet-tooths in your dorm. Or five. Or ten. Or thirteen. Kyuhyun abuses status rights as the youngest, and Sungmin caves because chocolate lowers his resistance. 

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