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[Fanfiction] Chocolate (One-Shot) 
29th-Aug-2011 09:36 pm
Released Caged Bird
Title: Chocolate
Rating: K
Media: Fanfiction
Genre: Fluff like whoa.
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Word Count: 1,781
Warnings: -
Prompt: Chocolate 
Written for hui_ru. Originally posted in the kyu_min comm here.

Summary: Drowning To Death In Chocolate is only possible if you’re an idol. So, it’s brilliant when you have a couple of sweet-tooths in your dorm. Or five. Or ten. Or thirteen. Kyuhyun abuses status rights as the youngest, and Sungmin caves because chocolate lowers his resistance.  


Eeteuk tried not to grumble under his breath as he plodded towards the elevator leading up to the Super Junior dorms after having gone through yet another one of the most trying days in the year.

Valentine’s Day had once seemed like the perfect way to lavish gifts – as much as his meagre allowance would permit - in secret to the girl he had a crush on. However, it had now become an occasion which was both heart-warming and simultaneously exasperating.

The endless teasing from the hosts from the morning’s variety show had been cute.

The legions of fans stationed outside their dormitories – prevented by just a gate and a security post, both feeble defences against young girls and their endless affections – had been an encouragement as it made his chest well up with pride at both their fans’ loyalty and Super Junior’s popularity.

The Valentine’s dance they had been tasked to choreograph for an early evening concert had been tough, even though it had been worth it in the end. Their fans seemed happy, and that was all that mattered.

Being mobbed by chocolates and gifts six times in a day seemed a little excessive.

He hadn’t even seen the stack of fan mail and couriered gifts they received from fans everywhere each year. The manager-hyungs should have already dragged their souvenirs up to the dorms and given them to their respective recipients.

Eeteuk kneaded his palm against his temple. It was almost midnight and he was badly in need of some rest.

Eeteuk shook his head to clear the drowsiness as the elevator doors slid open with a chime. He was almost home. Now, all he had to do was do a spot check on the eleventh floor before heading to the twelfth for what he hoped to be some rest and relaxation. Heechul was sleeping in the living room if he was feeling talkative.

As he neared the door of the eleventh floor dorms, Eeteuk paused in his step and strained his ears. The eleventh floor was always so much quieter than the twelfth, and he couldn’t hear much else apart from the partly-muted sound of the television.

Eeteuk raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the ceiling as a crash resounded from the twelfth floor.

Sighing in resignation, he extracted the keys to the eleventh floor dorms, entered the house and treaded across the threshold as stealthily as possible.

The house was mostly dark apart from the living room which was dimly-lit by a single lamp and the flickering light from the television.

Eeteuk glanced at the corridor leading to the members’ rooms. Most of the doors still had lights streaming from the door cracks and the steady thrum of music could be heard coming from Eunhyuk’s room. The only room which had its door wide open and occupants absent was Sungmin and Kyuhyun’s shared bedroom.

Frowning, a little perplexed, Eeteuk ventured into the living room.

He exited a bare moment later, biting down on the small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

It appeared the eleventh floor had no need for his mothering. Eeteuk quirked his mouth to the side ruefully as he closed the front door behind him with a soft click.

The kids could take care of themselves. They had all grown up anyway.

Eeteuk’s smile widened as he was greeted at the door of the twelfth floor’s dorm by Kangin who dragged him into the boisterous fray, loudly announcing that he was staying for the night and that no one was getting any sleep that night if they didn’t want to find themselves waking up in the corridor outside.

Exasperated and amused, Eeteuk allowed Hankyung to divest him of his coat and Heechul to shove a bottle of soju in his hands, fatigue forgotten as the members beside him chatted and laughed, fuelled by the momentary sugar rush their individual chocolate stashes had given them.

Sneaking a candy from Donghae’s neglected gift pile, Eeteuk chewed thoughtfully as he relaxed.

It was the gym for all of them tomorrow evening since every one of the members appeared to have indulged in their Valentine’s Day gifts.

After all, it appeared that the eleventh floor had an equal share in the calories.


“Hyung, I know you like your sweets,” Kyuhyun began, looking away from the television screen and raising an eyebrow as he regarded Sungmin next to him on the couch, “But isn’t this a little… excessive, for a late night snack?”

Sungmin made quick work of another chocolate wrapper, his eyes flitting briefly to meet Kyuhyun’s before returning devoutly to the television screen.

“Nope,” Sungmin decided after a short considering pause as he chewed, before ignoring Kyuhyun and snatching yet another sweet from the pile of candy next to him. Kyuhyun sighed at the blatantly dismissive answer, rolling his eyes before prodding Sungmin sharply in the side.

There was a satisfying choke as Sungmin jerked and scrambled in the opposite direction, glaring at the magnae while trying not to gag on chocolate gone down the wrong pipe.

The self-satisfied smile on Kyuhyun’s face as he rested his chin in one palm and watched his hyung avoid coughing chocolate everywhere did not help to quell his temper.

“Shall I fetch a glass of water, hyung?” Kyuhyun offered with a smile, making no move towards the kitchen.

Sungmin glared and managed to growl a slightly hoarse, “No.

Biting down on a laugh which might have gotten him kicked out of their shared bedroom (it was tragic that none of the members happened to be female, since Sungmin had quite the temper when it came to them), Kyuhyun stood and fetched a bottle of water from the fridge. The dark reluctant murmur of thanks he received in return was immensely gratifying somehow.

“You shouldn’t eat too much, hyung,” Kyuhyun said smugly as Sungmin gulped down the water, “You’ll get fat at the rate you’re going.”

Sungmin spluttered as he gaped incredulously at his room-mate. “Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight, Cho Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun, infuriatingly unconcerned as always, threw him a sidelong glance, looking horribly amused.

“I’m flattered, but you need to stop making us sound married.”

It was only quick reflexes borne from excessive gaming and the convenient pillow between them within reach that saved Kyuhyun from the outraged, disbelieving spray of water.

Lowering the sodden pillow with a disdainful wrinkle of his nose, Kyuhyun snorted as he saw Sungmin frantically mopping up the water on his shirt and on the couch with a reproachful frown.

“You’re sleeping on the couch.”

“I figured, darling.”

“Shut up or you’re sleeping outside on the corridor,” Sungmin hissed, half exasperated, half amused and terribly tempted to toss the sodden lump of tissue in his palm at the magnae. He settled for hurling it into the bin where it landed with an odd thwack.

Sungmin took the liberty of drying his damp hands spitefully on Kyuhyun’s shirt – Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow, but said nothing - before settling down beside his candy pile once again, wrenching the wrapper off a little more vindictively than he usually would have.

The small ball of chocolate flew out from his grasp and landed on Kyuhyun’s lap. Kyuhyun snickered, picking the runaway candy up.

“It’s a sign, hyung,” he murmured, studying the chocolate between his fingers curiously.

“I do boxing twice a week and I go to the gym every day,” Sungmin said petulantly, holding his hand out expectantly, “And since I’m boxing with Kangin-hyung tomorrow, the calories don’t matter. They’ll be gone really quickly.”

Kyuhyun paused and regarded both the chocolate and Sungmin, before popping it defiantly into his mouth, much to Sungmin’s outrage for the third time in a span of less than five minutes.


“Yes, Light Of My Life?” Kyuhyun replied, attention slipping back to the television once more, choosing to ignore the silent fuming response.

Kyuhyun paused as he swallowed.

“You know, this isn’t half bad, hyung. Why don’t I join you at the gym tomorrow,” he murmured, fingers sneaking across the couch and skating across Sungmin’s pile of Valentines’ candy. He blinked as his hand was slapped away.

“Get your own chocolate!” Sungmin cried as Kyuhyun remained undeterred and reached for the candy.

“I would, but you took mine as well, remember?”


“That’s very convenient for you, hyung, but I refuse to make a trip down to 7-11 just because I was generous and health-conscious enough to forfeit my share of chocolate to you.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes flashed triumphantly as his fingers snagged a chocolate. He retreated with his prize quickly, throwing a smug grin in Sungmin’s direction. Sungmin sulked a little before throwing his hands up in the air in resignation.

Kyuhyun hummed as he shifted and rested his head on Sungmin’s lap, fiddling with the chocolate wrapper.

“… When I told you to sleep on the couch,” Sungmin began wryly as he glared at his lapful of dongsaeng, “I’m not sure I meant for it to happen now.”

“I’ve always been obedient to your every whim, Key to My Heart,” came the easy reply, even as Kyuhyun frowned at the wrapping – how had Sungmin torn the wrapping off so easily? - and fiddled with it some more, “Besides, you made the pillow wet. Be responsible, hyung.”

Sighing in defeat, Sungmin didn’t deign to reply. He did, however, snatch the chocolate from Kyuhyun’s grasp. Kyuhyun was about to protest, but was interrupted by chocolate being pushed against his lips and Sungmin’s fingers resting against his chin.

Hm. He could get used to the arrangement.

It was terribly convenient.

Sungmin flicked his eyes towards the ceiling as Kyuhyun chewed on the chocolate with a pleased grin. Sungmin reached for another treat and unwrapped it, only to have it snapped up by Kyuhyun before it reached his own lips. The magnae grinned at him cheekily as he swallowed and opened his mouth wide open for another.

Sungmin blinked, then quirked his lips to the side with a laugh.

“Wait your turn,” Sungmin said as he unwrapped another chocolate and stuffed it into his mouth, whacking the top of Kyuhyun’s head in passing as the magnae settled his head more comfortably onto his lap.

“Whatever you say, sweetheart.”

“Shut up, darling.”

Kyuhyun thought he heard the sound of the front door shutting with a click as he smirked up at his hyung, but it was forgotten as he was offered another chocolate and the both of them lapsed into companionable silence as their attentions returned to the television.

The lingering bitter-sweet taste of melted chocolate made the new day just that slight bit more worth remembering.

12th-Jun-2012 10:34 pm (UTC)
Very sweet! Haha, pun intended. :)
13th-Jun-2012 11:48 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading (again)! ♥ *hugs the pun*
29th-Aug-2012 07:34 am (UTC)
cheesy kyu to min....
~Light Of My Life
~Key to My Heart

cant help smiling at their last dialogue:
“Whatever you say, sweetheart.”
“Shut up, darling.”

29th-Aug-2012 07:38 am (UTC)
I love your summaries for your fics. Appropriately short but tells so much. You are good.....write some more, write some more......(summaries & fics, that is). LUV YA!!!!
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