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[Fanfiction] Count Down (One-Shot) 
29th-Aug-2011 09:26 pm
Released Caged Bird
Title: Count Down
Rating: K
Media: Fanfiction
Genre: Festive fluff
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Word Count: 1,399 
Warnings: None.
Prompt: -
Notes: Originally posted in the kyu_min comm over here.

Summary: Donghae's proven that it is possible to transcend levels of fail and utter stupidity. He also decides (quite by accident) that doing it at the worst possible time is for the best. Kyuhyun isn't so much suspicious as annoying and Sungmin begins contemplating the benefits of hating snow. The thought's looking mighty attractive as the moments pass.  

 Count Down

December had arrived the same way it always did: with an unrelenting onslaught of bitter winds and the constant drop in temperature with grey skies threatening snow.

It also brought along the usual hectic, packed schedules that Super Junior had to juggle. The festive season meant that more of them were required for a single appearance on variety shows or radio shows. It was as if the family spirit had infected the whole entertainment industry and they were required to participate in the merry-making (not that they didn’t enjoy it, there was always an excess of silliness).

It was Christmas Eve, just under an hour till midnight, and they were in for a wintry white Christmas, all right, Sungmin mused sulkily from where he lay stuffed under a stack of five comforters. The heavy weight on him was just barely managing to ward away the chill.

If Santa had a heart, Sungmin would find a heater in his stocking come morning.

It was snowing heavily outside and the strong winds rattled the window. Sungmin, however, had little inclination in him to appreciate the sudden snow storm, especially since Donghae had somehow managed to damage the eleventh floor dormitory’s heating unit earlier that afternoon.

The twelfth floor had generously offered to cram them all in the hall despite being as overcrowded as it was on a regular basis.

This was before Donghae had caused a temporary short-circuit in the entire building by upending a glass of water on the twelfth floor’s heating unit.

They got their electricity back fine (if they hadn’t, Donghae would have ceased to exist), but the twelfth floor’s heating unit was peacefully dead as well.

“I tripped!” the clumsy oaf had wailed miserably as one of their manager-hyungs stared incredulously at him after having rushed to the scene only to find twelve other displeased and cold Super Junior members an inch away from killing one of their resident morons.

It was late on Christmas Eve, which meant that they wouldn’t be getting any repair-men down to fix the problem until tomorrow. Or perhaps, the day after. Sungmin was almost glad that they had to be in the waiting room for most of tomorrow in preparation for the late afternoon Christmas Concert. At the very least, the waiting room would be warm.

There was very little that their managers could do beyond providing two large, ancient charcoal heaters used for camping (or whatever else that Sungmin cared very little to know about) and placed them in the hallway leading to all their rooms for the night. The windows had been carefully closed as well, so as to keep the chill out. So, as it were, the twelfth and eleventh floors retired to their respective dorms and hoped not to freeze.

Since Kibum and Siwon were spending the night as well, the twelfth floor had once again demonstrated unfailing generosity by housing them and kicking Donghae to the eleventh, which had, by age default, gotten the smaller heater.

Kyuhyun’s expression of indignation would have been hilarious had Sungmin not been distraught for the same reason.

Speaking of which.

“Kyuhyun, get off the computer and go to bed,” Sungmin growled from under the multiple covers he had, trying his damndest not to let his voice quiver. It betrayed him with fervour to the point of allowing his teeth to clatter together.

There was an aggravating laugh after a short pause and the clicking of the mouse and tapping on the keyboard resumed, undeterred. Sungmin glared at the light emanating from the monitor.

“Cold, hyung?” Kyuhyun murmured, sparing a glance in Sungmin’s direction even as his long fingers skimmed across the keyboard and fiddled with whatever he was doing. Sungmin didn’t deign to reply, occupied with wondering how Kyuhyun was surviving in the sparse outfit he had on. What in the world was one wool sweater and a pair of sweat pants doing to keep him from freezing?

“No,” Sungmin said after a long pause, before making a show of rustling the covers irately and turning petulantly to face the wall, deliberately turning his back to where Kyuhyun was seated at the desk.

Kyuhyun hummed, clearly amused, but unintent on pursuing the matter. So, Sungmin squeezed his eyes shut and willed sleep to come. Better yet if he could sleep away the chill. Determined not to nag Kyuhyun about his gaming for longer than was absolutely worth the effort, Sungmin resolutely tried to ignore the ceaseless clicking and occasional tapping of the keyboard.

At length, he heard Kyuhyun rise from his seat and trod across the room. There was a muffled curse as Kyuhyun tripped over something on the floor and then the sound of something Sungmin couldn’t place as he fiddled with something near the switches. Determined in his endeavour to sleep, Sungmin kept his eyes shut and his arms curled tightly around himself and valiantly ignored his curiosity.

Kyuhyun gave an approving hum to whatever he was doing before padding back to his seat and the tapping on the keyboard resumed, much to Sungmin’s dismay.

“Kyu,” Sungmin muttered at last, “Before I get Donghae to borrow that precious laptop of yours, turn it off and go to bed. We’ve got a concert tomorrow. You’ll need the rest.”

Kyuhyun’s soft laugh echoed around the room. “You won’t do that, hyung. Let Donghae touch this, I mean.”

“Oh?” Sungmin gritted his teeth and Did Not Open His Eyes. “Why?”

“Because it belongs to both of us. He spoils it, you don’t get to use it either.”

Sungmin’s defeated silence filled the room for a moment.

“You’re tired, hyung. Sleep,” Kyuhyun ventured softly as Sungmin huffed quietly under his pile of blankets, silently railing at the unfairness of damaged heating, blasted computers, dead Donghae and snarky magnaes who weren’t dying from the cold like he was.

“I would,” Sungmin began sulkily, “Bu—”

“Ah. It’s midnight,” Kyuhyun interrupted, sounding amused as he got up from his seat, hitting a key on their laptop before shuffling towards Sungmin.

“Err—” was about all Sungmin managed to utter as he gave in and opened his eyes to demand for Kyuhyun to go to bed or suffer his wrath, but he was rudely interrupted by a string of lights lighting up.

“Merry Christmas, hyung,” Kyuhyun murmured as he pressed a kiss to Sungmin’s cheek.

It felt warm, like how the lights which spelt out ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ looked like as it decorated the wall beside the wardrobe. Sungmin stared, speechless, surprised and oddly moved.

He was also wondering how Kyuhyun had managed to do all of that while he had been in the room.

“You’re easy to distract,” Kyuhyun disclosed with another laugh as he moved to his own bed and reclined on it, stretching languidly as he studied the way Sungmin stared at the lights.

When the initial stunned, pleased, fuzzy feeling had somewhat faded, Sungmin blinked and turned his head to the right, glancing at Kyuhyun who was looking at him expectantly with a smile small curving the corners of his mouth. The words died on Sungmin’s lips.

“Thanks,” he finally whispered, suddenly feeling abashed at being the recipient of such a gift.

Kyuhyun looked pleased. “You’re welcome, hyung.”

Kyuhyun shifted the laptop towards him, and with a few quick taps, extinguished the lights and shut the laptop down before turning in.

There was a brief, almost awkward silence between them for a few minutes.

“Kyu, it’s cold. Would you like to, um,” Sungmin croaked out hesitantly. Oh, hell. What reason had he to feel embarrassed?

“Kyu, sleep with me,” he demanded. Then he coloured as soon as Kyuhyun sniggered. “I meant—! Beside me! Beside, you idiot! … Shut up before hyung goes over there and throttles you.”

The sound of covers rustling and the padding of feet escaped Sungmin’s notice as he tried to drown himself in his own blankets for shame. He started badly when a warm body slipped in next to him and arms snaked around his frame, dragging him closer.

“You’re like a heater,” Sungmin murmured contentedly, forgetting his mortification and turning to face Kyuhyun, happy to cling onto the magnae for warmth. Kyuhyun said nothing, but snorted and ran a hand through Sungmin’s hair, combing out some of the tangles.

Sungmin smiled, pressing his lips to Kyuhyun’s neck where his face was comfortably nestled against.

“Merry Christmas.”


29th-Aug-2012 06:52 am (UTC)
These lines are good:-
~If Santa had a heart, Sungmin would find a heater in his stocking come morning.
~........only to find twelve other displeased and cold Super Junior members an inch away from killing one of their resident morons..(kekeke donghae ah, donghae....)
~........as Sungmin huffed quietly under his pile of blankets, silently railing at the unfairness of damaged heating, blasted computers, dead Donghae and snarky magnaes who weren’t dying from the cold like he was.

Awwwwww.....the ending is so sweet.....
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